How We Can Help You

In a nutshell, we take the worry and uncertainty out of the property development process for you. We bring together the design team and construction team to realise a successful and affordable project. We love finding solutions to problems no matter how big or small. Whether you own a block that is 600 or 60,000 m² we can help. Our history of great results working on boutique residential developments speak for themselves.

  • If you are looking for someone to take the worry out of the development process you can talk to us.

  • If you are looking for a partner to develop your property with you you can talk to us

  • If you wish to sell your block you can talk to us.


After working on hundreds of different development projects Steve realised that the expertise being used on large scale development projects was not available to the small investor. Clients have come to us after struggling with the same problems that we see time and again. These problems often resulted in increased worry and reduced profit, these problems are typically:

  • wasted time due to a lack of understanding of Council regulations

  • spending time, money and resources undertaking work that was never required

  • lack of progress because the property owner was too busy working a ‘day job’.

  • poor communication amongst consultants as a result of poor project management

  • projects running over budget because of poor cost and time management


We work with individuals, mums and dads, retirees, in fact anyone who is thinking about creating equity and/or a place to live for themselves or someone else. You may be ready to downsize, thinking about making an investment for your future or looking to develop an income stream. We can help with:

  • suitability of your site for development.

  • development options, individual house, small scale units or subdivision.

  • how many and what type of building is appropriate for your site.

  • temporary accommodation if you need to move during the construction period.

  • moving you out of your current home and into your new home.

  • your planning issues and Council approval process.

  • construction of your development.

  • subdivision and strata titles.

So what is involved in a typical property development?
Do you wonder…

  • How do I put together a property development feasibility study and appraisal?

  • Where will I get the time to do my property development management?

  • Who will make sure my design management and coordination is happening?


Then give us a call because we have the answers you need and we promise it will be jargon free! Click here to contact us


Our understanding of the development and construction marketplace means we can make sure you get value for money and most importantly create equity. If we don’t see a profit for you we won’t proceed. Simple as that!


There are a number of key stages in any property development and you can be assured that we will provide all of the assistance you need to achieve a successful project. You may want to take a hands-off approach and just wait for the keys to your property development. Alternatively you may prefer to be involved in decisions all the way through the project. Either way we will make sure you are fully informed of the progress of your project from start to finish.

First steps. Preparation of your development strategy

  1. Do you want to move forward with our ‘one stop shop model’?

  2. Do you need help to fund your development?

  3. Are you looking for someone to help manage your project from feasibility to construction?

  4. Should your development be staged?

  5. Do you want to live in your home whilst the development takes place?


We can provide answers to these questions and the myriad of others that you will come across.

That's fine but I need more information...

Great! Keep reading or why not give Steve a call on 0449 255 488.

We take the potentially complex process of managing the design and development of your property development and balance it with the requirements of the local planning authority. By carefully charting a course for your project from the first idea to handing over the keys we help you realise a successful project.

We know that the key to realising your successful development is efficiency. Every week that goes by can potentially cost you money. Whether it is money for rent, money for finance or having to wait longer to receive your profit, it all costs. No one wants to know what it feels like to lose money when you have no control. So, we maintain our focus on achieving an efficient design, an efficient planning process and efficient construction to minimise your cost and maximize your profit. Efficient use of time makes a huge difference to any project. Our complete understanding of the development process enables us to take an overview of your project and make sure that it is run efficiently. When a shepherd needs to get his flock into a pen to take them to market he doesn’t take them one sheep at a time, he uses a sheepdog to gather the flock and move them all along together. We work the same way, we make sure that we shepherd along all of the different aspects of your project to make sure they all arrive at the right place at the right time


When you decide to work with Develop My Land you have a development partner that is committed to achieving your goals.

After 25 years in the development industry we know what makes the difference between failure and success. We want to help make your project a personal and financial success.



Steve established Develop My Land to help people realise successful property development free of worry and uncertainty.


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